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First album.

I need help.
So I got into Lydia a good two years ago, they are one of my favorite bands.
My favorite album of theirs is "This December...",
but, it's out of print, I guess.
In any case, for the past two years, I have been looking for it all over the net.
ebay, their merch shop, etc.

Well, bottomline, I really want to have an original copy of it.
I was wondering if you know how to get a hold of one, and if they still sell them at shows, if some nice soul could buy one for me, and I would pay you back via PayPal?

I really love this band and want to support them by buying their record, so any info or help is appreciated.


Anyone want Hospital?

I'm a nice guy. If you want a mp3 rip of 'Hospital', reply to this post and let me know.
I have Your Taste Is My Attention for anyone that may want it - I know my friends and I had trouble finding it a while back, and if anyone doesn't have it, let me know; I'll gladly upload it for you.

New Song Posted

Lydia have released a new song off their new album "Illuminate" on their MySpace.

It's called "Hospital" and is absolutely amazing!

Go listen: www.myspace.com/lydia

join the official lydia street team on myspace!

Tour Dates

Feb 23 Haileys - Denton, Texas
Feb 25 The Mad Hatter w/ Daphne Loves Derby - Covington, Kentucky
Feb 26 The Intersection W/ The Spill Canvas - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Feb 27 The Basement w/ The Spill Canvas - Columbus, Ohio
Feb 28 Knights of Columbus W/ The Spill Canvas - Arlington Heights, Illinois
Mar 1 The Bottleneck W/ The Spill Canvas - Lawrence, Kansas
Mar 2 The Rock W/ The Spill Canvas - Omaha, Nebraska
Mar 3 House of Rock W/ The Spill Canvas - Fargo, North Dakota
Mar 4 Ramkota Annex W/ The Spill Canvas - Sioux falls, South Dakota
Mar 6 Bluebird Theatre - Denver, Colorado
Apr 26 Revolution W/ Cartel - Ft Lauderdale, Florida
May 2 The Handlebar W/ Cartel - Greenville, South Carolina
May 3 Greene Street W/ Cartel - Greensboro, North Carolina
May 4 Chameleon w/ Cartel - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
May 5 Bamboozle - East Rutherford, New Jersey
May 6 Bamboozle - East Rutherford, New Jersey
May 7 The Recher Theater w/ Cartel - Towson, Maryland